This blog is dedicated to the different aspects of chemotherapy, especially how the impact affects the health and well being of individuals. It is considered a mainstream therapy treatment for fighting carcinogenic diseases. The use of chemicals to fight off cancerous cells and prevent their recurrence is the main objective of this form of treatment. However, as many patients realize, the adverse effects of chemotherapy can be numerous. In many cases, people find the side effects limiting the quality of life they wish to lead in the intermittent period when their cancer is in remission.

There have been significant breakthroughs made in this treatment approach and it has helped many cancer patients get new hope for life. However, the treatment period and the side effects can be derogatory and often adversely affects the health of other organs and systems which are otherwise healthy. For such side effects, many people find it hard to take a decision as to whether they should take such treatment. This is especially in advanced cases when there are high chances of the cancer coming back into the system. In such cases further sessions of chemotherapy or another more aggressive mode of treatment becomes difficult or often life threatening for patients.

The articles here are dedicated to the pros and cons of chemotherapy and how people cope with such treatment. Though alternative therapies do exist, these still remain disputed as to their effectiveness. On the other hand, many deaths occur when patients are unable to cope with the aggressive stance taken by the chemotherapy treatment they are prescribed.