What You Need To Know About Chemotherapy?

Those who undergo chemotherapy usually experience certain physical and emotional changes. The side effects that someone would experience from chemotherapy drugs would be different as the drugs used in different cancer treatments are diverse. However, unknown to many people, the management of the side effects has also advanced as the chemotherapy treatments have evolved over the years.

It is to be remembered that the way you feel after such sessions has no correlation to the effects of the benefits that chemotherapy sessions have on your cancer treatment process. Usually, the side effects come on about 24 to 48 hours after a treatment session has been taken. Most doctors or oncologists are concerned about the effects of chemotherapy sessions that patients feel and wish to ensure that the pain or discomfort is minimal as compared to the real benefits of making cancer go into remission mode.


Patients are asked to look after their general health requirements and get any pending care done before undergoing chemotherapy. For instance, if one needs their teeth to be cleaned, they need to get this done before going in for chemotherapy. It is also important that you have the support of your friends and family members. They need to recognize the impact that cancer has on you as well as the challenges of chemotherapy.

The common side effects include fever and chances of infection. As the white blood cell count is lowered by chemotherapy, your body’s natural immunity levels go down; the neutrophil count goes down in particular and this needs to be monitored. Only when this is up at optimal levels is the next chemotherapy session scheduled. Often patients suffer slight fever that might be accompanied by chills. As your body remains susceptible to bacterial infection from seven to 12 days after you undergo a session, you need to take proper precautions in terms of exposing yourself to bacterial infection or chances of such occurrences.

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