What To Expect From Chemotherapy?

Have you and your doctor decided that chemotherapy is the best solution that you have to treat your health problems? Are you still worried about what you would be going through during the chemotherapy treatment? Well, it is normal for anyone to be worried about what to expect during a chemo treatment and also to know how it will affect your daily life and routine. This is why you need to talk to your doctor as well as the oncology nurse and the oncologist to get all the information that you need about the chemo treatment before starting it. This will help you to cooperate with the treatment better.


Interact with the medical team

Before you start the chemotherapy treatment, it is advisable that you get in touch with the team who will be taking care of you and administering the treatment on you. The medical oncologist is the doctor who will work other team members to develop a treatment plan for you according to the condition you are in at the present. The oncologist will treat your cancer with the right medication. He or she will be in-charge of the chemo treatment given to you. To assist the doctor, there will be an oncology nurse. They will be taking care of the patient during the chemo treatment and will be giving you the chemotherapy. He or she will be answering all your questions about the treatment and also guide you through the chemo process. The nurse will be having a track of your progress during the treatment. They will also have a close eye on any side effects that you might be feeling during the chemotherapy.

Meeting with the oncology doctor

You will need to meet the medical oncologist before you start the treatment. If your family doctor or any other physician has referred you to an oncologist, then he or she will have to go through your medical records to understand your situation. The doctor will also be carrying out a physical examination and will also conduct certain tests in order to plan the right treatment for your case. The treatment will depend on the type, size and the location of the cancer, the general health, your age, and certain other factors.

The chemo treatment

The chemotherapy is given as repeated cycles and the duration of the cycle will depend on the type of condition the patient is in and the chemo treatment that is given. Normally, the chemo cycles range from 2 to 6 weeks. The treatment doses that will be administered on the patents will vary according to the drugs that are given to the patients. A cycle might contain just one dose of medication on the first day or it might involve more than one dose administered daily or once in a week. The normal scenario is that there will be a re-evaluation of your case and tests will be done to see how the treatment is done after a couple of cycles. The chemo treatment cycles will continue if the chemotherapy is showing good results.

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